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Jared’s Potty Chart

When it came to potty training, I was not the type to do the 3 day challenge or dedicate a set amount of time and go “Potty Boot Camp” on Jared. My kid just doesn’t have the personality for an approach like that. When he was just 15 months old, he showed interest in the potty, so we bought him a potty chair to see how he’d like it. We casually let him try it out before his bath every night and he did do his business it in a couple of times. But that hope for a boy potty training early was short-lived. Soon after, he had nothing to do with the potty. We kept it in our bathroom and just decided to wait until he was ready. After all, he was only 15 months.

As time went on, Jared was nearing 3 and I was nearing my due date with Alexis. My husband and I wondered if Jared would ever use the potty, but his stubbornness got in the way every time. He knew the concept, he understood it. He would talk about it but he just refused to do it. Every time we changed his diapers we would tell him, “Jared, you aren’t a baby anymore. Pretty soon Alexis will be here and she’s a baby. She will wear diapers. You don’t want to wear diapers like her do you? You can use the potty like a big boy!” I can’t begin to count how many times we’d have variations of that conversation and he just didn’t care.

Then suddenly, out of the blue a month or so after Alexis was born, Jared was ready to use the potty. Except it wasn’t consistent  Some days he would want diapers, others he would want underwear. We played along with his lead for a month and then realized he was never going to learn like this. As soon as his last package of diapers ran out, we didn’t buy him anymore. We just said, “Nope, you’re a big boy now, you  have to go in the potty.” I even made a potty chart for him to make it more exciting.

I had racked my brain and the internet for ideas on good potty charts, but nothing seemed to fit my son’s personality. Then one night, while my mind was racing in a million directions as usual, it came to me. Jared loves all things trucks, dirt and rocks. So this is the idea I came up with and it worked so well, we only had to use it for a couple of weeks before he didn’t need it anymore and just used the potty.


I used some construction paper and cut out shapes to look like a truck. Then I found a picture of Jared that I cut out and it looked perfect in the drivers window. I placed the finished truck on a piece of poster board.



I then found some other scrap paper and cut out shapes to look like rocks. I laminated them and cut them out.



I took Velcro and set strips to cover the bed of the truck and then I took the other half of the Velcro and placed a small square of it on each rock. Using a zip-lock bag and some boxing tape, I mounted that onto the poster board, so I had a place to keep all the rocks.

The rule was that Jared would get 1 rock for every time he went pee in the potty and 2 rocks for every poop. Once he reached 6 rocks in his truck, he could get a sticker, piece of candy or pennies for his piggy bank.


Even though he doesn’t use this anymore and is completely potty trained with the exception of a few accidents here and there during the night, I’ve kept it up on our wall in case I can use it as a different kind of chart, such as chores, behavior etc…




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