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Besides the people I love in my life, there are 2 things I hold very dear to my heart. If I lost either one of these things, I’d be just as devastated as if I lost a person that I love. Pictures and home videos. They are visual memories that can’t be replaced. I love editing photos and videos. I love making compilation movies with pictures and video set to music. I haven’t had the time to practice this hobby lately, but I have started a project that I’m very proud of.

With video camera’s, old VHS tapes, and cell phone video, it’s very easy for home videos to get jumbled up and hard to sort through. I started out with all my cell phone video and Mini DVD video camera videos, and copied them all to my computer. I used a program called DVDVideoSoft. It’s a free downloadable program that has many great options. I don’t know what I would do without this program. Once I got all of my files onto my computer, I tediously made file folders for each year, and inside of each of those folders, I made sub folders for each month. That way, when I want to get access to my videos, I know what month and year they are from. No guessing on when an event took place or how old a child was when they completed a milestone. (I also used this same process with all of my photos)

After weeks of organizing the videos into their proper folders, I used my other favorite programs, Sony Vegas Movie Studio and DVD Architect. I made one larger video for each month of videos that I have. Each video set included the title “Home Videos [insert year]” followed by a screen that says [insert month] and finally followed by all my videos back to back included in that month.

Once each of those video sets were complete I made them into DVDs. A whole years worth of videos couldn’t fit onto a single DVD so I designed a menu screen for each DVD. It stated the year and each button was the particular month.




When labeling the DVD, I did it as follows:

“Home Videos [insert year]”

Disc [insert #]

[month] – [month]


These are much easier to store, share and find what you’re looking for. Because I’m so paranoid about losing my videos. I keep a copy of the organized media files on their own flash drive, a copy of the completed DVDs on our video shelf, and another copy of the DVDs in a fireproof lock box with our other important documents.

This can be a very time-consuming project, but it’s well worth it. And when you get caught up, it’s easier to keep up on it every few months.


December 5, 2012 - Posted by | ORGANIZING

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