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Operation Basement

Upon the upcoming arrival of Alexis, I got a massive Nesting urge. So bad in fact, that we ended up jump starting our projects around the house to get them done before she got here. We replaced all the flooring in all but 1 room of our house, painted, and re organized cabinets furniture and closets. And then there was the other project all in itself…the basement. We have a very old house, so our basement is one of those dark, low hanging ceiling, cellar looking basements. It’s actually in pretty good shape for how old the house is, but I’ve always wanted to make it as clean and organized down there as possible. Our laundry area is down there and I don’t like the idea of cleaning my clothes in a dirty cramped area.

First of all, I would not recommend doing all the stuff we did to our house while your 6-9 months pregnant. I’m not the type to just sit still and watch others work, so needless to say, I over did it a lot. Made for one very tired, sore and grumpy pregnant woman. Anyway, I felt like the space in our basement wasn’t being used as efficiently as it could have been. After spending a few weeks thinking of ideas, I had the perfect solution and enlisted some help.

My husband and I bought some garage storage shelving and some more of the large blue storage bins that we’d already been using. We designated a back corner of our basement just for storing things that we don’t get into very often.



Next up was tackling the section of the basement we use more often. We have a pantry off of our kitchen, but my husband got into the coupon craze and likes to have a stock pile of food on hand in case of emergencies. So we had to figure out a way to store all of our excess food that wouldn’t fit into our main pantry. Large plastic storage drawers were the best thing for the job.



We, or I, still have a few more little straggler things to finish up in the basement, but at least we got it so that we can find everything we need much easier and I don’t feel like I’m walking into a Hoarders episode every time I do laundry. 🙂


December 5, 2012 - Posted by | ORGANIZING

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