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The Polar Express

Jared loves the movie Polar Express. We introduced it to him last Christmas and the kid watched it through Summer. One night, while I was trying to sleep and my mind was going a million different directions, I got the idea to take Jared and Alexis to see the Festival of Lights. It was something I had done has a kid and figured that at least Jared was old enough to enjoy them now. As I thought about it, I really got into the idea of making it a huge event for him.

I’ve heard of people making their children movie tickets and having a “movie night” at home. The Festival of Lights was kind of like going to a movie, in a way. So why not call our family van “The Polar Express” for a night and making Jared his own train ticket? The idea just kept growing, but the time before Christmas kept getting smaller. So on a whim, this morning, I told my Ben we should do the outing tonight. He agreed and we went to work on creating the ticket.


We have also started the Elf On The Shelf tradition this year, and Jared kind of gets it. He knows not to touch “Thomas” the Elf, and he knows that “Thomas” is watching him and talking to Santa. So we figured to make things more realistic for him, we’d have “Thomas” holding the ticket to the Polar Express. Then we would explain to Jared that we would go for a ride in the van Polar Express to see Santa’s Christmas lights.


We waited until Jared took his nap, then put the ticket with “Thomas.” When Jared woke up, he saw the ticket and we explained it all to him. He was very excited! When it was time to go, Ben stood by the van door with a hole punch and called out, “All Aboard!” Jared went to his side of the van, and Ben punched a couple of holes in his ticket, just like the movie. Jared was so thrilled! To add to it, we brought the movie Polar Express to play in the van on the hour drive to our destination. When the hot chocolate scene came on in the movie, we gave Jared his sippy cup of Hot Chocolate. It was pretty cute, because the conductor in the movie asked all the kids, “Who wants refreshments?” Jared raised his had along with the kids in the movie. He was so excited he nearly jumped out of his seat. If he got that excited over hot chocolate, how was you going to be at the light show??

2702 2704

Once we got to the entrance, Jared was in awe. (And so was Ben, this being his first time as well.) It was an hour-long with a lot of amazing lights. All of us had a blast. When it was over, Jared was upset, but we told him we needed to punch his ticket again, like the movie did. I punched a few more holes in his ticket and then gave him and Alexis each a small gift that Ben bought at the Dollar store.

2698 2749

All in all, the trip was a huge success!!…until we got home. Even though it was only about an hour passed bedtime, Jared was tired and throwing a fit because he didn’t want the fun to end. After a half hour of “Toddlerness” Jared was in bed and asleep, Alexis was asleep and Ben and I could relax and enjoy the fact that our idea was well received! We may even make this a tradition, until the kids get too old course.


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  1. that was an awesome idea

    Comment by dena | December 17, 2012 | Reply

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