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Fast Food Fake Out



I can’t speak for all parents out there, but Ben and I aren’t real big on our kids eating too much fast food, despite us eating it a lot. Quite frankly, old habits are hard to break and we’ve fallen into the habit of eating fast food before we had kids. We are doing better though! Luckily, Jared prefers fruit and veggies over the fast food anyway, but he’s to the age now, that when he sees the take out bags, he wants fries, chicken nuggets, or parts of our sandwiches, just because it came from somewhere else. It was getting to the point that bringing home the bags of food for Ben and I, then fixing Jared a separate meal, wasn’t cutting it, so I came up with a plan.

We saved a couple of the Subway Kids Meal bags from a previous meal trip, and before Ben leaves to pick up the food, we make Jared a PB&J and stick it in a sandwich bag to place into the Subway Kids Meal bag. Then we’ll add some sort of fruit to it and maybe another side. Ben sneaks the little bag of food we prepped with him when he leaves. When Ben gets home with our food bag, he pulls out Jared’s bag and Jared is nothing more than excited to take his food out of the bag that he thinks came from where ever we got our food. Normally we’ll add a small amount of french fries from our stash to Jared’s plate, and we’ll pour his milk like any normal dinner night, but there’s always the option of figuring out a way to pre-pack a drink too.

I know this won’t work for older kids, because they obviously will know the food didn’t come from a fast food joint, but we will be trying this gag until Jared finally catches on. 🙂 It’s a money saver too!


December 27, 2012 - Posted by | ALL THINGS KIDS

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