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Portable Homework Station


I know Jared is too young for homework just yet, and he doesn’t start pre-school until the fall, but I wanted to get him used to doing pre-school type activities with real books and paper instead of always using ABCMOUSE on the computer. I needed something that could block out distractions for him and keep him focused and motivated. I also wanted something that can grow with him and he gets older. So here is the portable homework station or work station.

I have a large file folder that has all the activity books, extra print outs and other paperwork. I just take pieces from that file folder and fill up the folders on my station. I don’t want to put too much up there at once. The tickets are his reward, just like in ABCMOUSE. If he completes a task, he gets tickets. When he gets so many tickets, he can get something special. There is also a pencil-case that I can keep a few pencils and markers for him to use.

I have only used this once since I recently made this, but it passed the Jared test so far!


January 15, 2013 - Posted by | ALL THINGS KIDS

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