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Cheeseburger Cake


Jared’s Birthday is on the 4th of July, but I never wanted to do the typical, Red, White and Blue with fireworks theme. For his 2nd Birthday I had a hard time thinking of a theme, and then one day at work, it hit me. A Cookout theme! We would be cooking burgers, hot dogs and brats on our grill for food at his party, so why not make it a whole theme?

I had the idea to make a cheeseburger cake. Pinterest wasn’t around then and if it was, it was way too new and I had no idea what it was. I Google Image searched all kinds of cheeseburger cakes until I was able to piece together ideas for exactly what I was looking for. I enlisted my mom’s help, and even though we aren’t professionals and it was our first go at it, I’m still happy with the results to this day.

First, we bought a box of vanilla cake mix and a box of brownie mix.

Then we used 3 round cake pans. 2 of them were for the cake batter and 1 one was for the brownie batter.

Once everything was baked according to the box directions, we leveled off one of the vanilla cakes and used it as the bottom bun. The brownie didn’t make that dome shape that cakes make, so we didn’t have to do anything but place it on top of the bottom bun. The 2nd cake we left the dome and used it as the top bun.


Next up was the icing. We used a mix of chocolate and vanilla icing to make the bun color. Then we used food coloring and made green icing for the lettuce, yellow for cheese and mustard, red for ketchup and a little bit of white for the seeds on top of the bun.


Ta-Da! It’s no professional cake, and I’m sure if we were experts and knew anything about fondant, this could look truly amazing, but for the average everyday person with minimal skills, this was fairly easy and turned out great!


January 24, 2013 - Posted by | Desserts & Treats

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