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I know this is nothing spectacular, but I thought I would post it anyways. I re-organized our family Instructions Bin because it was getting out of control. Since I’ve done this, it’s much easier to find exactly what I need instructions for and if we ever sell our home, we know which ones to leave for the next homeowners.

All I did was use the large size of mailing envelopes that have the little clasp in the back. I separated all our instructions into categories that worked for us. Each envelope is for a category.


Household Appliances (ones we bought)

Household Appliances (ones from previous owners)


Kid’s Things

Outdoor Items


There are also zip-lock bags that are labeled and holding the spare pieces to whatever item they belong to.  For example, we have spare crib parts, spare front and back door hardware and spare tools and pieces to kids toys, games or furniture.


One other thing I did was reserve an envelope for each of our TV’s. Each envelope is labeled as either “Living room TV” , “Bedroom TV” etc… This way if we ever need anything for that specific TV, it’s easier to find.


All of ours fit nicely in a medium-sized blue Rubbermaid container.



August 8, 2013 - Posted by | ORGANIZING

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