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Kid’s Christmas Tree



Naturally, I stumbled upon this idea on Pinterest but I made mine slightly differently. I needed something to keep my four-year old from messing with the few “untouchable” Christmas decorations in our living room and this seemed easy and cheap enough to pull off.

This original post I found uses felt, but where I was shopping, there were no felt pieces large enough to make the tree the size I wanted so I opted for that foam board or whatever it’s called. (It’s clear I’m not familiar with craft supplies) It was right next to the felt and I bought a package of assorted colors in the largest sized sheets they offered. I got a package of assorted color glitter foam board as well, and I purchased a package of Velcro dots. The rest is all preference on how fancy you want to make the ornaments, presents, lights, etc… But I had left over foam so I folded up a section to make a little pocket to hold the pieces. The glitter foam had a sticker backing so I used a couple pieces of that to seal the sides of my pocket I made.

All in all this has been a pretty nifty idea that my son likes and I’m sure once my daughter gets a little older she’ll enjoy it too. I think this cost me roughly $12.00 – $15.00 to make, but I also had enough sheets of foam board to make another simple project I found on pinterest. Check out the Snowman Fridge!


November 22, 2013 - Posted by | ALL THINGS KIDS, Holidays

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