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Job Opportunity

If you or someone you know would like to take part in a billion dollar company and work from home like I am, I am paying off my family’s debt and helping people to be healthier, get better results with their workouts and not to mention bringing the family together! It’s a win win! I’m looking for 3 people to work on my team. Remember, this business isn’t for everyone, but you’ll never know until you ask questions and get answers.

My business is really taking off and I have an immediate need to add 3 people.
I can guarantee the following…
1. Flexible work hours.
2. Pay for performance.
3. Positive work environment.
4. Immediate feedback based on effort and results.
5. Values based environment that honors God through faith in family and friends first.
6. Diverse dynamic culture.
7. Personally schedule your own time off.
8. Skills and Leadership training provided ongoing.
9. An environment that promotes health and healthy lifestyle.
10. Me. I will coach, teach and mentor you to whatever your goals are.
Ideal candidate…
If you know anyone looking for the above please contact me ASAP.


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