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If you or someone you know would like to take part in a billion dollar company and work from home like I am, I am paying off my family’s debt and helping people to be healthier, get better results with their workouts and not to mention bringing the family together! It’s a win win! I’m looking for 3 people to work on my team. Remember, this business isn’t for everyone, but you’ll never know until you ask questions and get answers.

My business is really taking off and I have an immediate need to add 3 people.
I can guarantee the following…
1. Flexible work hours.
2. Pay for performance.
3. Positive work environment.
4. Immediate feedback based on effort and results.
5. Values based environment that honors God through faith in family and friends first.
6. Diverse dynamic culture.
7. Personally schedule your own time off.
8. Skills and Leadership training provided ongoing.
9. An environment that promotes health and healthy lifestyle.
10. Me. I will coach, teach and mentor you to whatever your goals are.
Ideal candidate…
If you know anyone looking for the above please contact me ASAP.


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Harpole’s Heartland Lodge



Ok, this post is more of a review. I just feel the need to “harp” on this wonderful place. Haha, ok, that was REALLY BAD and NOT FUNNY. Anyway, the hubs and I were looking for a casual, low-key, weekend getaway to celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary. I did a lot of Google searches for places within a few hours of where we lived, and I stumbled over this one.

I went to their website and glanced around. Cost should have been my number one concern, but that was actually my second. I was more concerned about what the rooms looked like. We had been kind of spoiled with the last couple of trips we have taken, in that we got hotel rooms with Jacuzzi tubs in them. Naturally, for a romantic getaway, I wanted to be spoiled with a Jacuzzi tub. Once I saw pictures of the lodge rooms on the Heartland Lodge’s website, I was sold. As I glanced through all the different suite options and other pictures of the lodge, I avoided the price page for fear that it would cost way too much to ever consider in our lifetime.

I looked over the lodge’s on site activities and realized that hunting was their biggest specialty. This is in the Midwest after all.  But 4-wheeling was a close second and horseback riding was among a few other activities. We love 4-wheeling, but the hubs doesn’t have a 4-wheeler of his own….yet, and mine needs some work. Plus, we don’t have a trailer to haul them on. None the less, I was still getting excited at the mere option.

By this point, I still couldn’t brace myself to check the prices, until I noticed they had meal deals. That’s right, you could pay for a stay and breakfast, dinner and unlimited snacks and drinks would be included for the entirety of your stay. Ok, now I had to see the prices. If we didn’t have to pay for food for a whole weekend, then maybe this could work out. So I checked them out. Yes, the suites were a little up there, BUT if you booked 2 nights in a row, you got $20.00 off your stay and you didn’t have to pay for eating out at restaurants during your stay, which can get pricey in itself. To get specific prices, you will just have to visit their site, but I’ll tell you that we stayed Friday night and left after breakfast Sunday. Our bill was just under $550.00 This included 2 breakfasts and 2 dinners, several cans of pop between the two of us, s’mores, popcorn and iced tea. We also got a complimentary hay-rack ride and bonfire. If it wasn’t raining one of the nights we were there, we would have gotten 2 hayrides and 2 bonfires during our stay. No additional charge.  To me, that seems pretty reasonable for something we don’t do all the time.

Getting to the Lodge is half the fun. Coming from the land of flat, traveling to the town the Lodge is in, was actually quite pretty. We went the beginning of August, but I’d imagine the heart of the fall when the leaves are all changing would look the best. The lodge is nestled deep in the middle of nowhere and it truly does feel like a getaway. Despite the occasional 4-wheelers revving in the distance to go ride on the trails, it really is peaceful there. I found the 4-wheeling sounds quite comforting because I miss riding so much, but really the noise wasn’t that frequent or disruptive at all. The grounds are very well kept and it just looks very pristine.

This lodge does run on the bed and breakfast style system. There are 2 lodges, and breakfast and dinner are served in the main lodge, which is where we stayed. There is one chef that makes all the meals, and let me tell you, there are just not enough words to describe how delicious the food is! All the reviews say it’s like “Grandma’s Cooking.” And it is! The best part is waking up in the morning and smelling it being cooked and prepared. It’s making my stomach growl just thinking about it. Besides the wonderful food, the rooms are like little sanctuaries. You really do feel like your somewhere else. They have different themes for each suite, which really makes it unique. Each room also has their own deck/patio area equipped with wooden lounge chairs and tables. I took advantage of those a few times.

We ended up splurging our budget a little to take an hour long horseback ride one of the mornings we were there. It was great! The horses were wonderful and the trails were peaceful and relaxing. All the staff at the lodge were amazing as well. VERY friendly and personable. They made you feel right at home. We even met a few other couples and one even happened to live about a half hour from us. The whole time we were at the lodge, it was a down home family feeling. Even though we didn’t know anyone or had just met people, it felt like we were all a little family unit for the weekend. It just made the weekend and experience that more enjoyable.

I can’t wait until our kids are older so we can bring them along. (I think really little kids would get too bored) But I want to make this place a tradition for our family. To me, it’s very hard to find places to visit that emphasize good quality family time, or quality couples time, for a reasonable cost, and Heartland Lodge has just that.

I’m not writing this review for any benefit on my end. I doubt enough people will even see this for that to happen, and I’m not tech savvy enough to make that happen either. I just kept getting the feeling the whole weekend we were there, that I wished we had more money to give more gratuity tips. Their genuine hospitality made me want to thank them in more ways than I could for making our 5 year anniversary getaway weekend so great. So here it is, my review to brag about this hidden gem and hopefully allow more people to find out about this place. 🙂

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